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The academy for humanitarian action (aha) provides advanced training courses for the humanitarian community. It combines unique insights from humanitarian practice and academic research. Join us on our mission to spread the skills we need when crises hit – start today.

Upcoming courses

Transforming Partnerships


September 2021


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The Grand Bargain 2.0 re-emphasized the importance of locally-led humanitarian response. This goes hand in hand with the need to rethink roles and responsibilities in humanitarian and development action. Where are we now? Are we institutionally fit for partnering? Which roles will local, national and international NGOs play in the future? What does this mean in practice? These are the questions that we will discuss in our online peer-learning series.

The series consists of three consecutive online sessions with a mix of input, individual reflection, small group discussions, and further peer-sharing in plenary. It will take place on 7, 14 and 22 September and includes regular breaks.

Counter-Terrorism Measures, Sanctions and Humanitarian Work


September 2021


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Many humanitarian organizations have come into contact with counter-terrorism measures, country-specific sanctions and related legal provisions. This workshop provides an overview of current counterterrorism developments and a starting point for reflecting on their implications for humanitarian work. In particular, it will highlight the potential tensions that may arise for humanitarian actors from counterterrorism legal frameworks and policies, as well as human rights and international humanitarian law. You will also learn where to find information on country-specific sanctions and which regulations are applicable to you.

This course will take place as an online workshop in September 2021 and includes regular breaks. A second seminar on dealing with counter-terrorism measures with a focus on internal risk management will take place in autumn 2021. Further details and information on the registration process for both courses will follow in due time via our newsletter.

The International Donor Landscape in Humanitarian Action


September 2021


CAS: Foundations of Humanitarian Action

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The international donor landscape has changed considerably in recent years and new actors have gained importance. Therefore, this training will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the international donor landscape in humanitarian action as well as the related trends and developments. You will get to know donors from different areas, for example from the cosmos of the United Nations or the institutions of the European Union. "Non-traditional" donors such as companies or foundations are also considered. You will also learn about the structural challenges that the humanitarian (funding) system as a whole faces.

The training is planned as a three-day online workshop on 17, 21 and 24 September 2021. One additional day will be required for offline group exercises. This training is eligible for the Certificate of Advanced Studies in "Foundations of Humanitarian Action". You will receive further information and registration details in due time via our newsletter.

Who we are

The academy for humanitarian action (aha) is an institution for further education in the humanitarian sector. It is located at the intersection of humanitarian practice and research and pools the expertise from over 25 years of work in the humanitarian sector. The aha carries out high quality trainings and offers a platform for other training providers in the field of humanitarian action. Our trainings are based on internationally established initiatives to systematize and standardize education in humanitarian action. Visit the about us section to find out more!

What we aim for

Our work is inspired by the desire to create a positive impact and advance the professionalization of humanitarian action in Germany and beyond. Our aim is to support humanitarians in their continuous effort to further improve the quality of their work, address new challenges and meet important requests for reform, such as the commitments that were made in the course of the World Humanitarian Summit. A special emphasis of our work is on anticipatory humanitarian action and community-led response. Visit the about us section to find out more!

What we offer

The academy for humanitarian action offers a wide range of different training courses on topics related to humanitarian action and international collaboration. The trainings are carried out by aha members and by external providers who have proven expertise in selected areas. Our curriculum is based on the indicated needs of target communities and will be continuously updated and adapted in collaboration with experts from different practical and academic disciplines. Click here to get an overview of our current course offer. Participating in several courses of the curriculum will allow you to gain a “Certificate of Advanced Studies” (CAS).

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Your tailor-made certificate

The academy for humanitarian action offers flexible and tailor-made certificates that can be adapted to your purpose. You may opt for a simple certificate of attendance, a course certificate or a “Certificate of Advanced Studies” from one of the core tracks: Foundations of Humanitarian Action, Anticipatory Humanitarian Action or Locally-led Humanitarian Action. Each “Certificate of Advanced Studies” comprises five course certificates. To get a more detailed overview of our modular certification scheme, click here.